1:1 private yoga, counsel & spiritual guidance

I believe the best work happens when we dig deeper than the physical and really unpack what’s going on under the surface. My 1:1 private yoga and sacred counsel is a deeply personal experience. It's a sacred partnership in which we sit together in both the darkness and the light. We might pull out oracle cards, build altars, invoke guides and ancestors, move, dance, meditate, laugh, cry, ritual, whatever it takes to bring you back to your sacred Self.

This offering is perfect for the woman who wants a deeply-personalized, VIP coaching experience with attention and guidance on her journey to feel embodied and aligned in mind, body, and spirit.

Available in 3-, 6-, and 12-month packages (# of sessions vary per package).

1:1 & group mentorship &
business mystery school

So many business owners believe the cliché that if you simply follow your heart, the money, clients and sustainability will come. But pure creativity doesn’t mean you can ignore Spirit or strategy. I created the Mentorship Medicine program to help spiritual entrepreneurs like you conjure a wildly inspired, prosperous and sustainable business. Together over 3 months (1:1 or group), we’ll cover the business principles and skills you need to create consistent income, energy, and impact (all through a mystic’s lens!).

My 1:1 offering is perfect for spiritual entrepreneurs such as mystics, medicine keepers and healers who want to radically expand their business with the highly personalized attention, access and guidance of a seasoned mentor who will gently hold their feet to the fire as they pursue purpose, pleasure & wellth (yes!) in their sacred work.

My new business mystery school is the perfect storm of purpose, empowerment and prosperity cultivation for the mystic who wants to grow their business alongside a seasoned mentor and in community with a group of like-minded spiritual entrepreneurs-turned-CEO priestesses.


We'LL be a match made in heaven
if you're...

→ Bold AF and live your life with an adventurous, “fuck it, let’s try!” mentality.

→ Ready to show up and do the messy, vulnerable work of self-transformation.

→ Stay through savasana in every yoga class– in fact, it’s your favorite part!

→ Are seeking true community and accountability (you know, the kind that shows up consistently!)

→ Desire to make a BIG impact on the world through your mystical work.

→ Open to growth, evolution, laugh attacks, tears (the cathartic kind!), and living life as one giant wide-open experiment